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About Me

Born and raised amidst the vibrant suburbs of Chicago, Chris Tracy has always been deeply entrenched in the city's dynamic music and arts scene. From a young age, he found his rhythm and passion in the world of music, with the bass guitar becoming his chosen instrument.

In his early years, Chris journeyed through various bands, honing his skills and contributing his distinctive bass lines to the local music scene. His talent and dedication soon caught the attention of many, and he found himself not only playing in bands but also booking concerts and shows at local venues, helping to amplify the music community he cherished.

As the Chicago music scene thrived, Chris continued to play an integral role, participating in gigs, and collaborative projects that brought the city's musical talent to life. 

However, Chris didn't stop there. He ventured into a new artistic realm, embracing his passion for photography. With an unerring eye for capturing the essence of a moment, he transitioned into concert photography, documenting electrifying performances by beloved bands like Yellowcard, Simple Plan, Taking Back Sunday, The Ataris, Sum 41, and so many more. His lens illuminated the raw energy and emotion of these shows, making him a sought-after photographer in the Chicago music scene.

But Chris's talents didn't end with concert photography. He also delved into the world of model photography, where he skillfully transformed ordinary moments into captivating images, bringing out the beauty and uniqueness in his subjects.

Today, Chris resides in the welcoming community of Aurora, along with his wife, Francesca, and their spirited Corgi-Beagle mix, Nora. He continues to stand as a multifaceted artist who has made an indelible mark on the Chicago arts community. From the stages of local venues to the front rows of concerts, and now through the lens of his camera, he continues to channel his creativity and passion into his work, leaving us all in awe of his boundless talent and dedication to the arts.

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